Adrienne Seed is a surrealist/ dreamscape painter who has exhibited in galleries in England, America and Europe and has sculptures and paintings in major private collections.

Adrienne has sometimes described her way of painting as designing a theatre set: she interviews the characters and eventually casts those who will fit into the vision of her story. Already as a small girl she would play for hours creating theatres with ornaments and toys, drapes and settings. These ‘Little Games’ were to the bemusement of the rest of the family and is the title of one of her recent paintings. The defining imagery of (particularly her later) work is that of luminous, vivid colours and beautiful detail. One collector has described having an Adrienne Seed painting “like having a living kaleidoscope on the wall: constantly changing as the light spotlights one character after another as the sun moves across the room.”

In My Life – unfinished Oil on canvas 100 x 80cm.